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The Benefits of Digital Realty’s Modular Design Approach

How does Digital Realty put customers first with a modular design approach?

Chris Sharp, CTO, discusses how our data centre design enables agile innovation and advanced applications like artificial intelligence (AI) with future-proof infrastructure.

Watch this video to learn more.


My role as Chief Technology Officer at Digital Realty is really understanding our customers' technological needs and then ensuring that Digital Realty is able to support those needs not only for today, but for tomorrow. I think that's where it starts as how we align with them with our solution architects and our sales engineers.

We were actually able to work with one of the largest e-commerce trading sites and bring a liquid cooling design to their infrastructure to support advanced computing and networking infrastructure on their behalf. A part of that process was thinking about their future needs. And so, we were able to future-proof their design and allow them to land and expand.

And now they're upwards of 6 megawatts across our portfolio. We've actually taken an asset, at Digital Realty that was over 10 years old, and be able to build an advanced supercomputing environment. Meeting these high-power density needs and interconnection requirements with minimal retrofit. And that's something that I think speaks volumes to our modularity of our data centre designs and being able to allow us to modify and evolve our infrastructure as our customer requirements continue to innovate and ideate just to meet the needs of their end users.