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Pervasive Datacenter Architecture

Our Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®) is a proven methodology developed by practitioners, for practitioners. It codifies hundreds of production deployment combinations to help accelerate deployment and improve the precision of enterprise infrastructure.


Transform your data strategy with PDx®.

Today’s digital businesses require a new strategy, one that brings users, things, networks, clouds, and controls to the data at centres of data exchange, harnessing your data explosions and scaling digital business.

Implement a cohesive data strategy

Maintain compliance and sovereignty while improving application performance and user experience.


Accelerate secure data exchange

Leverage optimised and distributed data staging between users, networks, and clouds.


Unlock new opportunities

Create new opportunities with real-time intelligence across distributed workflows locally and globally.


The PDx® framework

Our proven methodology provides cost savings through simplifying operations, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and enhancing security and user experience through real-time intelligence.

1. Plan

Plan distributed workflows at business points of presence requiring centres of data exchange.   

2. Identify

Identify the users, applications, data, and things that will participate in distributed workflows. 

3. Map

Map workload types with performance attributes required to support participants in distributed workflows. 

4. Deploy

Deploy footprints tailored to specific workflow profiles and workload attributes, connecting participants at centres of data exchange, and enabling distributed workflows.

PDx® works for you

You can take full advantage of the opportunities provided through digital transformation by addressing Data Gravity and architecting around the data with PDx®.


Create a new network architecture that reduces latency and increases throughput, supporting the expanding capacity and high interactive traffic behaviours driving digital business.


Localise security and infrastructure controls at global points of business presence, improving your security posture and infrastructure management.


Supercharge performance and data compliance to accommodate the exploding volume, variability, and velocity of data creation.

Hybrid IT

Reduce IT vulnerability with host IT and security controls at data ingress and egress points and enhance your global infrastructure management.

PDx® works for your industry 

Your blueprint for the data economy

Our IT architecture is designed to defy Data Gravity and enable AI-ready IT infrastructure, paving the way for transformative growth and innovation across all sectors. Discover how our approach integrates with AI initiatives to unlock new opportunities.


Accelerate your growth

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