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Solvinity Builds Secure Flexible Foundation to Help Customers Maintain IT Control at Scale

Solvinity strives to provide highly secure and reliable IT environments for a variety of customers while handling highly sensitive data. Whether they’re leveraging cloud solutions, managed hosting and workspace solutions or developing their own software, Solvinity’s customers need a flexible IT environment that can meet their unique needs without compromising cybersecurity or speed.

Interxion and Solvinity share a goal of helping organisations gain and maintain control over their IT operations by delivering a reliable, secure and compliant IT environment. In each other, we’ve found the perfect partner to help companies achieve this.

Bas Demmink , CTO – Solvinity

This case study covers Solvinity’s need for a secure foundation for customers. Solvinity saw a partner in Interxion, who could package together everything they needed to build a foundation for their customers: flexibility, connectivity and stability. Solvinity gained access to a safe, secure space directly connecting a variety of cloud and connectivity providers through Interxion. Interxion’s international footprint ensured Solvinity would be able to meet customers’ strict security requirements while providing equal access to IT resources.

*This content was originally published by Interxion: A Digital Realty Company.