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Interxion’s Flexible Business Model Underpins Nexellent Growth in Cloud Computing

When Nexellent setup business in Zurich in 2004, they not only needed to find a data center with the high-performance connectivity necessary to offer colocation services to the financial sector, but they also wanted a partner who could meet the exacting standards of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Nexellent chose Interxion as the partner to grow with and rely on. They’ve never looked back.

Interxion doesn’t just offer a secure, high-performance environment for flexible computing requirements; it offers a world of opportunity.

Stefan Peter , Managing Partner, Nexellent

In the beginning, Nexellent faced the challenge of meeting its customers’ needs for very high-speed, low-latency connectivity and coverage without having to invest substantially in hardware and infrastructure. With a relatively small customer base to start with, Nexellent began with a single rack in Interxion’s Zurich data center. The management team knew that as the business grew they could take on more space in response to customer demand – a flexible solution backed by a low-risk financial model.

*This content was originally published by Interxion: A Digital Realty Company.