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Basefarm Offers Clients an Optimal Hybrid Cloud Solutions Through Interxion’s Cloud Connect

Although the public cloud offers flexibility and scalability with a single mouse click, many companies are unwilling or unable to transfer their complete IT infrastructure into the cloud. Therefore they look for a hybrid solution in which they can use cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon's AWS for just part of their data or applications. As of today, Managed Service Provider (MSP) Basefarm provides its clients an optimal hybrid cloud solution thanks to the Cloud Connect service from Interxion.

Many companies increasingly look for a hybrid environment as they can't move everything to the public cloud for reasons of privacy, costs or because some legacy applications cannot be converted. Via Cloud Connect, Basefarm can offer its clients an optimal hybrid solution without the disadvantages of the public internet. An added benefit is the short distance between Interxion and cloud providers, reducing latency to a minimum.

Azadeh Baghery , Account Manager at Interxion

This case study covers the decision Basefarm made to join forces with Interxion to offer optimal hybrid cloud solutions to Basefarm’s clients. This arrangement yielded:

  • Datacenter campuses in Amsterdam, Brussel, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Marseille, Paris, Stockholm, and Zurich
  • Colocation with a neutral network service provider
  • 99.999% uptime
  • 24- hour dedicated support

*This content was originally published by Interxion - A Digital Realty Company.