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Demand for Cloud Computing Creates Cooperation Between Atea and Interxion

IT infrastructure suppliers are coming under pressure from customers who want to migrate to the cloud and have no interest in running their own data center. Atea’s, growing demand for high-quality cloud computing results in a co-operation with Interxion.

Our co-operation with Interxion is one of our key differentiators as it keeps us ahead of our competition and means we can respond more quickly to increased demand for data centre power without having to start from scratch.

Poul Bærentsen , Director, Data Centre & Cloud Services

This case study covers Interxion providing Atea with cooling, power systems, the highest levels of security for their cloud technology, and more traditional outsourcing-services for cloud services. A stable environment for Atea’s cloud platform that ensures high levels of availability and meets customers’ data residency, security, and connectivity requirements. Currently, Atea manages a number of enterprise companies via Interxion’s data center. The number of customers and range of services has grown since co-operation started in 2010.

*This content was originally published by Interxion - A Digital Realty Company.